Navratri Festivities at Sutra: Come See How The Young and The Loud Partied It Up!

If you work at Sutra, you are offered the loveliest and arguably the most balanced work mantra; which is to work hard but party harder. So, this time we decided to put together snippets (not the embarrassing ones, obviously!) of an office party at one of the best companies to work for in Mumbai. And [...]


40+ Angel Investors in India Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

We’re currently floating in what is called a startup ecosystem. Everybody has an idea, and surprisingly enough, these ideas aren’t all that bad. In fact, they’re spinning us clever Indians a few million bucks every year. Seriously! Check out these startups in India that fared well this year. But not everyone with a brilliant idea [...]


Mad Men Era v/s 21st Century Digital Agency Era

Walking into office, you didn’t get the time for breakfast so you’ve carried your oats and milk. Nothing like a healthy start to your day to get those creative juices flowing. Now scroll back a few decades, mid – sixties, shall we? Walking into office, you didn’t get the time for breakfast so you’ve opened [...]


8 Things Startups Can Learn From Breaking Bad

‘Hablan de un tal “Heisenberg”, Que ahora controla el mercado’ (Talking about some “Heisenberg”, Who now controls the market). – Ballad of Heisenberg Yep, it’s 9 months later and I still suffer withdrawal symptoms from arguably one of the best TV shows ever made, “Breaking Bad”. The Emmy award winning storyline follows the life of [...]


You Know You Are A Startup Employee When

1. Your Job Description is bigger than your resume. 2. Everybody knows everybody! 3. Weekends mean only Sundays. 4. If you want to reach work before 10 am, you need to have the keys to the office. 5. You get excited when you hear someone whisper ‘Funding’. 6. Birthday gifts are crowd funded. 7. You [...]


20+ Awesome Venture Capital Firms in Singapore

Singapore has been titled the friendliest country to conduct business in for six consecutive years. Yet, startups and medium size businesses budding in the country have often thirsted for funding and developing venture capital within the country has been no mean feat. This has even compelled Singaporean entrepreneurs to set base outside the nation’s boundaries. [...]


15 Awesome Digital Agencies from Singapore

The Singaporean economy is rapidly growing. This growth spurt has been reflected in its various industries. Singapore is a financial hub for the rest of the world and has emerged as a global cradle for startups and small-scale industries. In an effort to celebrate the country’s dynamic spirit, we present to you a list of [...]


25+ Best Retailers in the Middle East

The Middle East has been a centre of world affairs all through its history. Major brands and MNCs look to avail from its rich markets and turn to retailers (master franchises) for assistance. These retailers (or retail groups) from the Middle East do more than merely assist. They establish and flourish the brand while paying [...]


40+ Funded Startups in Singapore

Singapore is the second freest economy in the world. The Lion City’s competitive, innovative, and business-friendly culture has made it the center of all entrepreneurial activity in Southeast Asia. Small wonder numerous startups roar within its boundaries each year! We added our bit to the startup ecosystem through the list of 100 startups in India. [...]


Startup Hiring Tips: How to Keep a Check on Relocation Fallout Candidates

“I am sorry, but I can’t join this firm. My wife isn’t comfortable with relocating”. Does that line strike a chord with you? Fallouts for jobs that require relocation have proven to be a constant headache, whether it is an HR firm or a startup. All the time invested, from generating the leads, conducting preliminary [...]