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Our Work Culture

Work hard and party harder. From pizza parties at the in-house hukkah lounge to startup meetups. We have it all. You work, have fun, and even network with the who’s who of India’s startup ecosystem and the digital media industry. All at once. We have a vibrant atmosphere that encourages innovation and creativity for any role you play, whether it’s marketing, recruitment, or business development. That’s why we have a terrace lounge, where you can chill out and soak some inspiration.


Fun At Work

If you are not content with the in-house hukkahs, you can lie down on one of our funky beanbags and throw some darts. Still need to loosen up? Play a quick game of basketball or Counter-Strike with your work mates or sit on the special massage chair to relieve stress.

Good Food

Hungry? We have more than the clichéd Maggi noodles… our very own startup chaat wallah personally tends to you with some mouth-watering Paani Puri and other juicy savories. Being in a residential+commercial area, you can virtually take care of all your meals.

Business Knowledge

Learn about the intricacies of doing business while on the job. We are an open organization, and this means we share everything with all the employees. So whether it is P&L or accounting or even nurturing relationships, you will learn it all.


Profit Sharing

At SutraHR, we have an unmatchable incentive structure. Yes, we respect what you do and totally understand that you deserve that big piece of the pie :) Being a transparent organization, we trust our employees and freely share important information, such as revenue generation.

Employees As Partners

You get an opportunity to brainstorm on various ideas and contribute to overall management of company affairs. That’s not all. You are free to be as creative as you want. Ask our current employees how they were part of the Paint Your Wall initiative!

Modern Practices and Tools

Use new-age, state-of-the-art technology and web-tools and expand your technical know-how. You get to learn about cutting-edge and innovative recruitment and productivity tools, which help you to not only become productive but also increase your technical know-how.


What Sutra Employees Say about Sutra

Viraj Soni

Viraj Soni (Marketing & Communications)

“One of the reasons that I joined Sutra was the flexible working hours system. In addition to respite during the long commute and traffic snarls, it offers me relief in so many other things. I can pursue my hobbies too, as I adjust my schedule accordingly.”

“I have the freedom to choose the way I work. What makes working at Sutra so awesome is that they trust you with the roles & responsibilities. I get to decide the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the project/tasks I work on. This surely makes work less pressurizing.”

Kaajal SutraHR

Kaajal Thukral (Lead TAS)

Shabina SutraHR

Shabina Qureshi (Lead TAS)

“I joined Sutra last year as a Talent Acquisition Specialist and was promoted in 5 months to the position of a Team Lead. Such an environment offers a lot of motivation, not just professionally but also at a personal level.”

“At the interview I was told about a ‘no-boss’ system. The senior team members are often seen serving cutting chai in the afternoon. The only doors that can be found are for the conference rooms and the toilets!”

Kavita SutraHR

Kavita Baraili (Lead TAS)


Chetas Bagul
(Email Marketing & Communications)

“Work can be pressuring. But not at Sutra! Here it’s all about working hard and partying harder. We have regular lunches and dinners at our own private terrace. Sutra also sponsors various team outings.”

“When I work long hours, people say I don’t have a family life. The co-founders call me bro, and my TL is like a caring mother. My colleagues are those awesome cousins you have and my team members are just my younger siblings. Sutra is more than a family to me.”

Allavi SutraHR

Allavi Hasan (TAS)


HR? Recruitment? Sales? Business Development? Marketing? Want to join us? Send your resumes to or call us now on +91 9220 459 226 OR (022) 4266 9487!

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