Group Companies

Sutra Services Pvt. Ltd. comprises SutraLite (low-cost recruitment), sumHR (HRMS), (online job portal) & (niche job board).


A unique low-cost recruitment service, SutraLite provides an unmatchable value for money solutions to any cost cautious company or start-up. If you are a start-up or a small/medium business that feels recruitment consultants are too expensive or don’t have the time/money to use multiple job portals, SutraLite is the ideal solution for you.


sumHR is a web-based HR management software with powerful HR features and new-age communication/collaboration tools. An ideal application for growing companies that need to streamline their HR processes, sumHR also enables employee engagement within the organization. sumHR helps a company aggregate all employee data, streamline leave tracking, manage payroll disbursements, organize information sharing, and enable teams to collaborate in a more efficient way on a single platform. is a job board for startups, entrepreneurs, and emerging companies in the new age media space. gives a platform to these companies to showcase their budding organizations, and their various vacancies. It’s a meeting point for “startup” enthusiasts to find their dream startup jobs, and founders/entrepreneurs to find their next rockstar team mate. caters to startups in the field of technology, internet, gaming, mobile, and other new age media. is a network of job websites that provide an array of job opportunities to various types for Indian job seekers. Candidates can log on to find jobs that seem tailor-made to meet their qualifications, interests, and expectations. is a perfect site for people who are looking for looking forward to build careers in sales and marketing, accounting, media sales jobs, travel & tourism, and various other industries.