Established by Waqar Azmi, Founder & CEO.

First office: A garage with 2 phones, 2 PCs, and 1employee.

Became part of "The Morpheus" portfolio.

40+ clients, 100+ placements for India’s hottest startups/new-age media companies.

Launched startup job portal: SutraJobs.com.



Jay Thaker, Co-founder came on board.

Launched India’s first low-cost, fixed fee, guaranteed recruitment service: SutraLite.

Moved in to a new, swanky, cute startup office; team strength of 11.



100+ clients, 1000+placements.

Moved in to a huge, happening office; team strength of 30+.



500+ clients, 2500+placements.

Launched SaaS-based HR management solution: sumHR.com.



Employee strength crosses 100.

Recruiting talented professionals in the new age media industry, every day.