Top Websites Freelancing IndiaFreelancing is booming in India and a lot of people – some looking to make a quick buck and some looking for a steady income, from college students to the elderly, anyone who has any grain of talent is cashing in on this trend. If you fall under this category, here is a list of top 10 websites for you to help you with your next project.

1. is a freelance marketplace dedicated to the Indian market. You can find freelancers in various categories including IT & programming, graphic designing, data entry, content writing etc. The look and feel of this website is very linear and simple. The website claims to ensure payment safety through Escrow services provided by the company. Transaction in INR is another plus point. This website also has a large network of freelancers which you can filter based on location. Project posting is free and so is getting registered as a freelancer. Being a newly launched website which is hardly a few months old, you may not find many reviews and recommendations. Yet with a rapidly expanding base, one feels that it is coming along quite nicely and will work to the advantage of any freelancer in India.

2. is perhaps one of the oldest websites in existence and one of the pros of this website is that it has been in existence for over ten years now. The site design though is very amateurish which may pose a problem for freelancers looking to work through this site on a regular basis as they may run into various problems. The site seems to have not been maintained for a few years now. Apart from the above two clauses severely disadvantaging freelancers looking to work through this site, posting a project on this site is charged which does not help the employers either.

3. is a fairly large global freelance marketplace. Being such a large website it obviously has the advantage of offering you more quality and quantity in your work, helping you expand your dimensions. Thanks to a large user base, employers find good freelancers who are willing to deliver quality without compromise. But there are certain disadvantages too of using this website. A payment on needs to be done in USD. Because of the currency conversions involved, it becomes very expensive for clients. Moreover, the transactions are charged to the client as well (around 3%). The total transaction charge for freelancers is as high as 10%.

Instastudio is an Indian networked freelancing portal originating, which aims to widen the scope of freelancing opportunities in India. The website is dedicated for content writing and has assignments for various content writers, but in last few weeks the amount of assignments available on the website has decreased a lot. A point to note is that it’s not a freelance marketplace which basically means the website cannot be used for hiring a freelancer.

5. Job Portals (Naukri, Shine, OLX, Quikr)
Job portals are of course not solely dedicated to freelancers and hence have a larger user base, clients and employers and provide a variety in the quality of work. These are also well established websites and therefore are a great source for job hunting for most users. But, since this website is not dedicated to freelancers, the quality of applications is extremely poor and as an employer your work is compromised upon. Unlike other freelancing websites, there is no payment integration in these websites hence after hiring someone you have to handle everything on your own.

6. describes itself as a startup jobs board. It is a website that features a section for freelance and part time jobs. One can check this out but the problem with this website is that there is no payment processing or section to review freelancers and hence it neither works in the advantage of clients nor the freelancers.

Like Dreamstarts, VentureHire is a website with a section for freelance and part-time jobs but there is no payment integration or a review section. It describes itself as a website that is “creating and curating global talent”.

WorkMonk is another freelance website that outsources jobs but it has very few assignments and very few freelancers and your projects may not grab eyeballs here.

Oncontract is not exactly a freelance website but has more of a contract based concept. Project posting is paid and payment safety is not guaranteed.

Youth4Work is a website targeted for students with jobs similar to and

Freelancing is a popular option for people seeking flexible work timings and exciting projects. It’s a growing trend in India and various websites are mushrooming to cater to different needs. If you’re unsure on how to get started we hope that the above reviews help you get some direction and guidance.

Author: Aarti Patel, a seasoned consultant and writer.

Top 10 Indian Freelancing Websites For Your Next Project

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