Monthly Archives: May 2016

7 Lessons Glassdoor Negative Reviews Taught Us (And What You Can Learn From Them)

75SHARESFacebookTwitter “A company which delays salaries every month” “Where certain set of employees are given preferential treatment” Well, guess what? You may be doing all that is needed for employee engagement and motivation and yet you open your company page on Glassdoor to find all this and many more negative reviews written about you. Started…
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SutraHR: Unveiling The Badass HR Company With A Heart ❤

138SHARESFacebookTwitter A while back we decided to give ourselves a little makeover, so to say. This was something we had to do for a couple of reasons at SutraHR. 1. Space of startups is changing fast and thick in India and hence the hiring is becoming more new-age. 2. Perception about HR needs a change…
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