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Work Life in Mumbai!

64SHARESFacebookTwitter Mumbai is clichéd for a lot more reasons than its nightlife. The buzzing streets and the people rendezvousing are the heart of the city.Being the commercial hub of the country, Mumbai is home to people from all over the country. Prominently known as ‘The City Of Dreams’, people move to Mumbai with special motives -…
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9 reasons why you should get hired through a recruitment agency

34SHARESFacebookTwitter What’s the first thing you think of when you’re looking out for a new job? I know, let’s put my resume up on as many job portals I can find. Although, this seems like the obvious right answer, you’re obviously forgetting something - Recruitment agencies! Recruitment agencies have a huge share of the available…
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How to choose a career

76SHARESFacebookTwitter Do you feel chills when you’re asked about your career choices? Are you pretty much dumbstruck or do you fumble sometimes or just answer it for the sake of answering. Probably that’s the time when you pressure yourself with the question in your mind: How To Choose A Career? Sooner or later everyone deals…
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