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You Know You Are A Startup Employee When

0SHARESFacebookTwitter 1. Your Job Description is bigger than your resume. 2. Everybody knows everybody! 3. Weekends mean only Sundays. 4. If you want to reach work before 10 am, you need to have the keys to the office. 5. You get excited when you hear someone whisper ‘Funding’. 6. Birthday gifts are crowd funded. 7.…
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20+ Awesome Venture Capital Firms in Singapore

170SHARESFacebookTwitter Singapore has been titled the friendliest country to conduct business in for six consecutive years. Yet, startups and medium size businesses budding in the country have often thirsted for funding and developing venture capital within the country has been no mean feat. This has even compelled Singaporean entrepreneurs to set base outside the nation's…
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15 Awesome Digital Agencies from Singapore

129SHARESFacebookTwitter The Singaporean economy is rapidly growing. This growth spurt has been reflected in its various industries. Singapore is a financial hub for the rest of the world and has emerged as a global cradle for startups and small-scale industries. In an effort to celebrate the country's dynamic spirit, we present to you a list…
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25+ Best Retailers in the Middle East

86SHARESFacebookTwitter The Middle East has been a centre of world affairs all through its history. Major brands and MNCs look to avail from its rich markets and turn to retailers (master franchises) for assistance. These retailers (or retail groups) from the Middle East do more than merely assist. They establish and flourish the brand while…
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