SutraHR: Best Place to Work for Freshers and Experienced Alike!

Imagine coming to a place everyday and seeing the same walls and PC! Setting in the routine and spending half of your day in such a boring place! On the other hand, imagine working in the best place to work with beautiful creatives and a wonderful unwinding space. Employees always wish to have a refreshing…
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How To Find A Co-Founder Using The Facebook Technique

If you want to increase the chances of your startup's success, then you need to learn how to hire high-quality people as early as you can in your business building journey. If you can figure out the hiring part right, you will have an excellent time building your business. But if you mess it up, then…
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Top Hiring Tips for Startups Post Series ‘A’ Funding

Congratulations – you managed to cross the hurdle of gaining a Series ‘A’ funding for your dream startup. While reveling in this ‘victory’, you realize that while you have all these brilliant ideas and sufficient resources, you do not have the human resources to implement. It is the time to put together an effective team,…
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