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Top 30 Startups in Dubai

[mashshare] Dubai has witnessed a significant increase in the number of startups these past few years. With the Middle East startup ecosystem growing at such a rapid pace, SutraHR, in association with Betaout, decided to list the top 30 startups in Dubai. Dubai has made immense progress in every field. And these startups have...
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3 Things College Students Can Learn From The Indian Startup Culture

When it comes to solving challenges in business these days, the most innovative solutions usually come from startups. Of course, established companies do solve some of them. But what makes a startup different is that they end up finding solutions using very few resources. If you draw parallels to the startup culture, it is somewhat...
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10 Things Every HR Executive Knows All Too Well

Gotta face 'em all.

[mashshare] The world is full of idiots. Unfortunately, the HR department has to interact with most of them. Here are 10 things every HR professional knows all too well:

1. When you're forced to deal with technical issues.

i have no idea what im doing


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