How to leave an organisation without burning the bridge…

Top Startups IndiaLooking for a new workplace? Feeling restless? As soon as the news is out, you would be likely to get targeted with lot of questions of When, Why, How? Do you have answers to all? Did you try to sit with yourself to answer the same and get the appropriate solutions?

Leaving an organisation or stepping down from a very critical position in a company and venturing to a new place can cause discomfort, sometimes not only to yourself but to others around you too. It is said that “A known devil is better than an unknown angel”. Hence, before you take the leap of faith you need to evaluate all the reasons for the change and the possibilities to give it the one chance to confirm if your decision is right.

Let’s evaluate the possible reasons why the questions will pop-up at the first place. If it does here’s a guide to help you know how you can go about it and do it right: