10 Crazy Things Recruiters Say

Recruiting can get monotonous and tiring. Whenever we talk about jobs and recruitment, we consider it to be a serious notion. But let us take some time off today and look at recruiting in a new light. Job seekers consider recruiters nothing less than devils standing at the door of hell and they believe whatever the recruiters say is right. But sometimes even experienced recruiters blurt out funny things during interviews, which do not make sense.


As Asia's top recruitment company, we have interviewed a lot of recruiters and candidates and thought of shedding some light to the situations which usually occur during an interview.

1. “We are looking for someone with the insight of a 50-year-old, knowledge of a 40-year-old, drive of a 30-year-old and remuneration of a 20-year-old.”

Leonardo DiCaprio Recruitment

Recruiters inadvertently look out for the best of candidates with the least amount of salary expectations and remain oblivious to the facts that are important to everyone including the people who work for them.

2. “We provide opportunities for growth and development.”

Morgan Freeman Be Damned

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Interviewing Is Taxing

Recruiting can be a grave task. Interviewing so many candidates each day is taxing. So sometimes it is justified on the recruiter’s part to make mistakes and say funny things during recruitment. But they have to keep in mind that “you can’t teach employees to smile, they have to smile before you hire them”. The key to successfully tackling such questions is to stop whining about how most recruiters lie and speak your mind.


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