Python Developer Job Description

Profile: Python Developer

Python Developer Job Description

Budget: Upto 16 Lacs
Experience: 6-10 Years

Python Developer Job Description

We are seeking a Full Stack Developer who will participate in all aspects of architecting and developing new and innovative applications in New Delhi. You will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology and new product development in an established company that is rapidly growing.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Participate in architectural, design, and product sessions.
  • Develop innovative solutions based on product requirements and business challenges in both Python and Javascript.
  • Ensure all Django Python codes are suitable for automated unit testing and own code coverage.
  • Python Developer must interact with different stakeholders to gather feedback and clarification.
  • Research and apply new technologies and best practices.
  • Design and create efficient RESTful endpoints for both internal and public consumption.
  • Provide task estimations and deliver quality code on time.
  • Manage data over PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch.

Required Skills

  • Extensive experience programming in C, C++, Java and/or Python.
  • Python / Django.
  • Angular, Node (plus npm, browser fly and associated JS tooling).
  • RESTful APIs.
  • PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch.
  • Hands on Linux Experience.
  • Testing(Unittest, Nose) / TDD.