Startup Hiring Tips: How to Keep a Check on Relocation Fallout Candidates

Startup Hiring Candidate Relocation"I am sorry, but I can't join this firm. My wife isn't comfortable with relocating". Does that line strike a chord with you? Fallouts for jobs that require relocation have proven to be a constant headache, whether it is an HR firm or a startup.

All the time invested, from generating the leads, conducting preliminary interviews, scheduling the main interview rounds with your client, and following up goes down the drain with that one phone call. What's worse is that this also strains your client relationships.

It's time to pause and look at the problem from a bird’s eye view. Is there a way to circumvent the incidence of candidate relocation fallouts? If not completely circumvent, is it possible to avoid them? Here are some startup hiring tips:

This questionnaire can also be sent via mail. The catch with mailing the questionnaire is that not all candidates may reply on time. Mailing the questionnaire is also redundant when it comes to senior positions. The most efficient and dependable method is to ask all the questions over the phone. Display copies of the questionnaire around the space from which your HR representatives operate. Let them keep copies of it on their desk so they could use it as a checklist. As long as your recruiters follow the method diligently, the number of your relocation fallouts will go down. Again, this is one of the many tips of keeping relocation fallout rates in check.

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