8 Things Startups Can Learn From Breaking Bad

'Hablan de un tal "Heisenberg", Que ahora controla el mercado' (Talking about some "Heisenberg", Who now controls the market).
- Ballad of Heisenberg

Breaking Bad StartupsYep, it's 9 months later and I still suffer withdrawal symptoms from arguably one of the best TV shows ever made, "Breaking Bad". The Emmy award winning storyline follows the life of an overqualified high school chemistry teacher with inoperable lung cancer and consequently two years to live who then turns into a masterly drug lord, manufacturing and selling the world’s purest Crystal Meth. All of this just to provide for his family.

The show not only serves the average TV buff but also the average entrepreneur looking to make it big "in the empire business".

Walter White A.K.A the Great Heisenberg teaches us why we need to 'Say his name' and because 'he his goddamn right', here are some tips on how to build your 'Empire Business':

(Caution: Article contains spoilers)

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So, there are more things you can learn from Breaking Bad than drug dealing and doing and crimes and violence. Good luck with your startup!

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By Savio Rathod