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10 Things Every HR Executive Knows All Too Well

Gotta face 'em all. 142SHARESFacebookTwitter The world is full of idiots. Unfortunately, the HR department has to interact with most of them. Here are 10 things every HR professional knows all too well: 1. When you're forced to deal with technical issues. 2. When you solve a conflict among co-workers. 3. When you tell them…
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Recruitment: Not a stepping stone for HR Generalists

36SHARESFacebookTwitter As a recruitment agency, we screen a large amount of candidates who apply to be recruiters.  Most of them, however, have the ultimate goal of being HR generalists. This seems like a reasonable thought when you consider that there is lesser pressure in General HR profiles.  There’s no pressure of meeting expectations of closures…
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Significance of HR Software / HRMS in Organizations

0SHARESFacebookTwitter We, being humans, have a limit to which we can do things efficiently. After all we just have two hands! If we try biting more than what we can chew, it becomes difficult to manage things and be productive. Our productivity and quality of work will decrease which in turn will yield low results.…
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