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Recruitment: Not a stepping stone for HR Generalists

36SHARESFacebookTwitter As a recruitment agency, we screen a large amount of candidates who apply to be recruiters.  Most of them, however, have the ultimate goal of being HR generalists. This seems like a reasonable thought when you consider that there is lesser pressure in General HR profiles.  There’s no pressure of meeting expectations of closures…
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9 reasons why you should get hired through a recruitment agency

34SHARESFacebookTwitter What’s the first thing you think of when you’re looking out for a new job? I know, let’s put my resume up on as many job portals I can find. Although, this seems like the obvious right answer, you’re obviously forgetting something - Recruitment agencies! Recruitment agencies have a huge share of the available…
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Hiring Top Executive Search Firms in India

277SHARESFacebookTwitter If you are hiring for a post in your organization, you need to get the word out. Therefore you will basically need the opening to be advertised for. Since going door-to-door or releasing a television commercial is redundant and impractical, you will need a sensible way to go about this, and that’s why you…
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