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How To Hire For A Startup: 10 Sure Shot Ways To Get It Right

66SHARESFacebookTwitter The biggest plight faced by a hiring manager is picking an employee who’s the perfect fit for their organization. Now, this isn’t simply a question of hiring the person with the highest qualification and most experience for your startup. There are a lot of different ways to approach startup hiring. Being the loud-mouthed, opinionated…
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Startup Hiring: Insider’s View Of SutraHR’s 7-Step Work Process

17SHARESFacebookTwitter A lot of you might be wondering how we managed to get ourselves amongst Asia’s top talent acquisition firms for startup hiring, and we’re nothing if not mind readers. So, we went ahead and did what we do best - made an infographic about hiring for startups in India! SutraHR has always taken pride…
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