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HR and Recruitment for Startups: The Important Factors

4SHARESFacebookTwitter Businesses these days have become very competitive and belligerent, and are always looking to decrease costs. And in doing so, they end up ignoring certain significant factors. This is particularly true with startups, which typically save costs by pumping a lesser amount of money in human resources. In several cases, the HR department is…
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Hiring the Best Can be a Mistake!

0SHARESFacebookTwitter Did we confuse you with the title? Of course we did. When everyone around the world is trying hard to find and hire the best talent, we have been preparing a theory on why one should NOT hire the best. When you come across the “best” candidate, in your excitement of finding a gem…
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ETNow Covers Our Take on Startup Hiring Strategies

0SHARESFacebookTwitter Who doesn’t love being on TV? Though we’re announcing this much later, the excitement is still the same as it was when it happened. Our very own, Jay Thaker, was featured on ETNow’s “Starting Up” program in their Toolkit section. The interview covers questions regarding startup hiring strategies. Congrats to Jay! 
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