Do you feel chills when you’re asked about your career choices? Are you pretty much dumbstruck or do you fumble sometimes or just answer it for the sake of answering. Probably that’s the time when you pressure yourself with the question in your mind: How To Choose A Career? Sooner or later everyone deals with […] Read more
“HR”, does it ring any bell? Well, most of us perceive this profession to be revolving mainly around two things; hiring and firing. SutraHR exposed a fresh new side of HR in the year 2008 and has been working constantly since then, towards striking a balance between HR as a profession and as a passion. […] Read more
As a recruitment company, we often face difficulties in payment collection. Though it’s not a new issue in our industry, sometimes it turns very ugly and painful when the client doesn’t pay up – at all! We’ve been facing this issue with a particular client who’s not paid us a legitimate few lacs for almost […] Read more
One of the first qualities that come to my mind when I think about startup people is – ATTITUDE! If you’ve got the “right” attitude, you’ll have ample access to a nitro boost whenever you’re in a difficult situation. Of course, attitude is not the only quality to look for in a startup employee. Here’s […] Read more