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The Middle East is turning out to be a haven for entrepreneurs, and the region has seen many top startups and new-age companies evolve. SutraHR commenced operations in the region last year, enabling many top startups in the Middle East to hire great talent. Over the last few months, we have researched and come across some brilliant and innovative new companies in the Middle East. Knowledge should be free, and that's why we've decided to share this list of best companies in the region (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, etc). The following list contains the top 60 startups in the Middle East (in alphabetical order). Feel free to use the comment section below and share your thoughts on these startups. In case, you know any top startup from the region, do share it in the comments section.



Disclaimer: We have worked with a few top startups from the Middle East mentioned in the list.

Note 1: If you are a startup or a new-age company looking to hire talent, please drop in a mail to waqar {at) or call us on +91 22 4266 9487.

Note 2: For more information on the methodology used to compile the list, please drop in a mail to waqar (at}


Top 60 Startups in Middle East

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  • Dana Horska

    I think you forgot some successful startups in the Middle East like Doctorized, Glambox, Souqalmal and Wally.

    • Thanks for the comment Dana. We will be considering them for the next edition. Please keep watching this space. :)

      • Sarah

        Many of those companies are not start ups but generally established companies – What did you base yourself on to decide that they are the top 60 start ups – is it based on some sort of criteria like growth in the last 12 months ? Or is it just a list of companies you know of? There are so many of those lists that come out but I am still struggling to find one that really did their homework and explain to the audience how they came up with the list? I think there is a risk of credibility when publishing lists that do not have strong data to back them up. In any case, looking forward to hearing from you in regards to the criteria.

  • Ahmed Rabiea

    I think you forgot some successful start-ups in the Middle East like Bezaat, argaam.

  • Mohammad Lafi

    No, Snseo?, Qaym?, NetAdvantage?, EcommerceSea? or any of the many other successful startups operating?

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