50+ HR Interview Questions For Freshers & Experienced Candidates To Help You Get That Dream Job

HR interviews are usually tough as HR managers ask tricky interview questions for HR positions to save time and to figure out what kind of employee you really are, especially if you are applying for a position in the HR department. Sometimes, it also happens that even after an HR job hunter has rehearsed every anticipated question, there always seems to be an unexpected question from the HR that would somehow open the candidate’s hidden problems. So don't miss the true intention of a seemingly harmless interview questions.


As Asia's fastest growing HR company, we have listed some of the questions you might expect during an interview for a position in the HR department. You would surely enjoy reading this list of HR interview questions. These questions are simple yet vague enough to keep you on your toes. You may also notice some similar questions or ideas listed, but they are kept separate on purpose, as their meaning resonates differently to an experienced candidate and a fresher in HR.

So enjoy reading this huge list of HR interview questions for freshers and experienced candidates!

HR Interview Questions for Freshers

Freshers would always be a little anxious before an interview. The candidate needs to be well prepared and make a good initial impression, in order to set tone for the entire session. In an interview for an HR position, there is no right or wrong answer. You have to know just the right way of answering such interview questions for HR positions.

So some basic tips for freshers to keep in mind before the interview:

1) Be prepared.

2) Be punctual.

3) Be professional.

4) Be polite.

5) Be confident.

6) Be positive.

7) Be practical.

Here are some interview questions which are expected to be asked during your HR interview:

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In most interviews, your behavioral skills would be ascertained. And you will often not even be aware of the exact behavior or behavioral history that the HR manager is probing for. Read the books for HR interview questions and answers, do your research and keep this article handy for interview questions for HR positions. We hope you’ll make it through the lion’s ring. We will soon publish a PDF and PPT with HR interview questions for you. Keep watching this space for that PDF & PPT.

If you have any other ideas about HR interview questions, please feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

Good Luck!

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